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Hannah Carr

The experience is fun and really stress relieving, people are friendly and lots of options to smash. I didn’t realize how many items would come in one crate so it went by faster than I expected. Next time I’d bring a whole crate of my own items to make it longer!

Jason H

Sister and son were in town for holidays from small town and the boy was delighted to get a chance to smash. As I paid I was delighted with the value of the packages and the well run facility with friendly, knowledgeable staff. Will absolutely repeat with other relatives and may even give it a whack myself!


Great time! Much needed way to blow of steam!

Heather Locker

I had a my daughters birthday party here this year. The birthday package is so worth it 2 hours of smashing fun. The pizza was good. This will be a core memory for my daughter and her friends.

Randy Dick

Pretty cool place to blow off steam

Vicky Quach

I highly recommend trying this if you’re on the fence. It was a fun and unique experience! They provided a speaker that you can connect music with while you’re breaking stuff. A great stress-relieving activity to do with others. The staff on site was really friendly and made the experience a positive one.

Vee Vi

Had such an amazing time! The front desk woman was a sweetheart as well. My family & I had fun smashing things. Ofc to some ppl it may be silly to do this. Why not do it at home? Well 1. I don’t want to clean up glass 2. We don’t drink beers lol 3. It’s cheaper than therapy! Definitely recommend it. Like

JoAnna H

I love the stress relief but it seems like it’s over too quick for the price.

Jezel Oconnor

I had the best experience here. My friends and I have been dealing with a lot of terrible things in our life. We just felt so angry. I decided to book this experience. It was a first for all three of us. You can choose from so many things to smash. It was an easy check in process. They offer lockers to keep your stuff in. You can hook up your phone to their blue tooth speaker to play music. The staff is super friendly and super helpful! And they wrote inspirational stuff in the room that pertained to our situation. This was the most therapeutic thing I have ever experienced. 100% Recommend!

Lakeytta Paul

Awesome service. Had a lot of fun. This was so needed. The two girls and the guy who was there were very helpful, and they made sure we had an enjoyable time. They took care of me and my wife, my mother and our godson, and made sure we had a good time. Will recommend this for anyone to at least try it once and keep going back.