Giving Back

NFT charity campaign

Smashing at Breakthrough Smash Room sure is a lot of fun for date nights, birthday parties, team building events, and more. Besides being so much fun, it’s also a great stress reliever for our daily lives.

But there are some people who come to Breakthrough Smash Room that have stress beyond the stress most of us feel. People who have lost their jobs, going through a divorce, or lost a loved one.

We have hosted group events for halfway houses for people getting out of prison and IOP’s for people recovering from substance abuse. And we get frequent referrals from licensed therapist encouraging their clients to visit us.

Unfortunately, many of the very people that need the therapeutic value of smashing the most cannot afford to smash. And while Breakthrough Smash Room donates a generous number of free smashes every month to those in need, we simply are not in a financial position to meet the request of everyone. In addition, we’re seeing more and more people every month that need to smash but cannot afford.

To help as many people as possible in need, Breakthrough Smash Room will be launching an NFT charity campaign.

Partnering with local Phoenix artists, Breakthrough Smash Room will donate EVERY DOLLAR of revenue on our Smashing for a Cause charity.

That means you get a cool NFT created by a local artist, and every dollar you spend on an NFT goes right to helping someone who needs the therapeutic effect of smashing.

And when someone you have helped smashes,
you will receive a video of their smashing experience 😃

“At the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS), each and every staff member is committed to doing the absolute most for the children and families of Arizona. What we do isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the compassionate heart. Our work requires us to have both strength and sensitivity. Passion, coupled with empathy. We know what it feels like to experience brokenness. We’re tireless because we see the intrinsic value of a family unit. And we know that hope can be restored.”

~ Anderson, Skylar
Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS)

The NFT project will be launching soon. If you would like to be notified, please let us know:

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