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Gracias Matthew

Such a great activity to do with friends on the weekend. It feels illegal and so much fun. But it’s completely legal and safe


Best place to relieve some stress hands down!!!

Leah Wagner

OMG there is nothing like working out done pent up aggression and smashing things! This was done was for a birthday celebration and well worth the time and expense! I would come back for a regular therapy session!

Hannah Carr

The experience is fun and really stress relieving, people are friendly and lots of options to smash. I didn’t realize how many items would come in one crate so it went by faster than I expected. Next time I’d bring a whole crate of my own items to make it longer!

Michael Griesenauer

The experience. Had a great time.


Had a great time on our mom & son date. Staff was incredibly friendly and we had lots of options of things to break. Will definitely go back with my husband.

Sean Pollard

Great experience. Will surely come back again and again.

Yonnan Hernandez


Paula Blades

It was such a fun time! We were celebrating our birthdays and they added some personalized plates while we were in the warm up room! Helpful crew and we will be back!!

Caprial Thomas

We had such a blast. Most definitely book a room!

Karlie Ketchum

Stephanie was so great! Very informative and welcoming. Make sure you book!

Michael Barclay

EXCELLENT way to relieve some anger, frustration, and stress! Took my mom here for Mother’s Day, we got ALOT out and our inner hulks came out to play lolololll You can kick, scream, throw, smash, look as crazy as you want, do what ever you gotta do, we took FULL advantage of it! Definitely a 10/10 recommendation if your feeling a certain way. It really is therapeutic and we’re walking around with less stress on our shoulders and even bigger smile on our faces! Definitely be back!

Lenyo DaGod Taylor

perfect for stress release and fun with the kids. I had fun and would absolutely go back and recommend to all my friends. the staff was great.

DJ Masi (FloatnThang)

Excellent and unique experience to truly enjoy letting out that extra built up frustrations that come with life and/or work. Pick from bottles plates, CD PLAYERS and more. Great for parties or work bonding moments.

Cliff Berry

Do you need therapy? How about an insatiable desire to break something? Well don’t break your own stuff, come down here and pick from a selection of odds and ends and destroy them in the most cathartic way possible; with a sledge hammer. This place is awesome.