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Amy James

We had a blast going bonkers in the splatter room! Only challenge was that the booties wouldn’t stay on our shoes because the floor was so sticky. A little awkward when we came out and needed a place to clean up our boss too… All the employees were hanging in the breakroom and they just told us to come in there and use their sink. Otherwise friendly, easy going, and just what we needed.

Tori West


Monica Korb

I brought my 6 year old son here and he had a blast. He was so proud of all the stuff he destroyed and I was happy it wasn’t anything from home. The staff was so great with him and they were extremely accommodating. We’ll be coming back!


Had an amazing time at Breakthrough. Perfect place to destroy things and take that anger out. They are incredibly friendly and definitely make the experience worthwhile. Stephanie was very nice and helpful. She walked us through everything. I would recommend this place to anyone I know and we will definitely be back again


This place is fantastic I can’t wait to go do it again

Christine Thies James

Beyond being a fun and exhilarating way to relieve stress the staff is phenomenal. Super friendly, super accommodating and make the experience so much more fun! THANK YOU GUYS!!!! AMAZING

Joshua Murray

Sen and the entire crew at Breakthrough were communicative, understanding, kind, and thorough. I messed up scheduling a specific time, and they easily fixed it with no qualms. They were patient and very understanding. Also, they offer a variety of destructible materials and instruments. I honestly had one of the best experiences of my life (I’ve never participated in a demolition room before this), and I can’t wait to go back to Breakthrough! Thanks again!

Regina Dark

The staff was super helpful and put up with all the teenage boys I brought for my sons birthday. We definitely will be back!

Nisha Jones

So much fun! Will absolutely come back! The staff are so nice and create just an amazing fun environment to let all your rage out!

Carolyn A.

We did thisas a Family Christmas Event. All adults 30ish to 72ish. This was crazy fun. We had a ball. We got the 2 hour deal with Pizza and soda. The staff were wonderful. We are going to do this again in the future. This was the first time doing this for all of us but won’t be the last. I would absolutely recommend this as a cool way to spend some time de-stressing or just breaking stuff. Seriously, safety is the main directive for participation. There were 5 in our group and we had plenty of space and were able to maintain the safety requirements. All required/necessary safety equipment is provided at the venue.

Heather Betz

What a great date night! Thank you, Brittany, for making our experience awesome! We will definitely be back!

Joshua Libby

I was blown away with the whole experience and didn’t think “smashing a few items” would be fun. It is BEYOND AWESOME!! Staff was fun and interactive, you can play your own music, they have different bats, sledgehammer, crowbar. You can upgrade and destroy a monitor and that was well worth it!! I cannot wait to go back again and again.

Robert Arp

this place was awesome. the entire staff was perfect. my children had a great time and got lots of aggression out. will be a regular gig for us.

Mina I

So so so fun. Was a little far from where we live but definitely worth it and some of the better prices I’ve seen


Great stress reliever!!