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Breakthrough Smash Room in the Metaverse: Step Into Our Digital Twin

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Experience the Thrills of Breakthrough Smash Room Now in Virtual Reality!

We’ve partnered with Metaverse Workshop, a division of Founders Workshop, to bring you the most exciting smashing experience yet—right in the heart of the Metaverse. We’re thrilled to introduce our digital twin, now available in Meta Horizon Worlds. Simply search for “Breakthrough Smash Room,” and get ready to step into a world of smashing excitement!

Virtual Reality Meets Real Fun

This isn’t your average virtual experience; it’s fully immersive VR! Feel the rush, hear the glass shatter, and enjoy the thrill of smashing—all in a 360-degree virtual world.

A Virtual Space Inspired by Our Real-World Location

Our digital presence in the Metaverse is designed to mirror the essence and excitement of our physical Breakthrough Smash Room. Created by the skilled team at Metaverse Workshop, this virtual experience maintains the core elements that make our real-world space special, while introducing you to a fresh, digital way to smash.

Join the Smash Games

Who says smashing can’t evolve? Our Metaverse venue introduces special Smash Games designed exclusively for virtual reality. Now you and up to 5 friends can join in on the smashing challenges, reimagined for the digital frontier.

Get Started Now!

Ready to step into the future of smashing?
and jump into our Metaverse experience. Your virtual sledgehammer is waiting!
Smashing in the real world is exhilarating, but smashing in the Metaverse takes it to a whole new level. Grab your VR headset and join us in the digital Breakthrough Smash Room today!
See you in the Metaverse,
The Breakthrough Smash Room Team
Created in Partnership with Metaverse Workshop, a division of Founders Workshop

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